Make Your Cabinets New Again With Professional Cabinet Painting

Make Your Cabinets New Again With Professional Cabinet PaintingNextGen Painters Custom Cabinet Painting Services

While it is not always possible to move to a newer home, it does not mean you can not feel like you are in a new space. Worn or outdated cabinets can make your home look less than appealing. Having professionals redo the interior of your home can make you feel like you are in a brand new home. Custom work like redoing your kitchen, working with an interior designer for proper wall paint colors, and consulting with contractors who service Fort Worth, Colleyville, North Richland Hills and Keller are all easy ways to know how to change the interior of your existing home. Here are some ideas you might choose to make the interior of your home new again.

Fort Worth Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

We spend so much time in the kitchen it should be a place of pure beauty. There are so many amazing kitchen makeover options contractors or painters can do. Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to bring your kitchen to a modern and new look. Also, simply having the cabinet pulls changed out into new modern knobs can increase the value of the look of your kitchen. With cabinet painting and new kitchen knobs, you can pick the type of look you would like in your kitchen. Hiring a professional painting contractor is the way to go for long-lasting cabinet paint. It is also possible to just get a simple cabinet refinishing job on your kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

The bathroom is another place we spend a lot of time. You can love the space you get ready for in the morning with a bathroom makeovers. Professional painters can take those boring old bathroom cabinets and do a professional cabinet painting and make your bathroom cabinets look modern and new. Whether your style is modern or maybe you are into the mountain or woodgrain look, you can change the look of your bathroom. Cabinet refinishing is possible if you already have great looking wood cabinets you just want to update. You can consult with professional cabinet painters to see all the beautiful options you have to choose from.

Can’t I Paint My Cabinets Myself?

Painted cabinets may appear simple, but DIY cabinet refinishing and painting is not an ideal weekend project. A typical kitchen cabinet painting project can take five to seven days. There are many mistakes that can be made when refinishing cabinets yourself, including:


  • The cabinets may not be smooth and wood groves may show through the paint.
  • The wood isn’t properly cleaned and the paint won’t stick.
  • Not removing the doors and cabinet hardware.
  • Forgetting to label where the doors and hardware go.
  • Skipping sanding the cabinets.
  • Not dusting before painting.
  • Missing edges and corners, resulting in an incomplete look.
  • Forgetting to use paint primer.
  • Choosing the wrong color.
  • Picking the wrong type of paint.
  • Not waiting long enough for them to dry.


The proper preparation, application and clean up requires a professional who is experienced and focused on getting the job done right.



Professional Cabinet Painting Fort Worth

Wherever you have cabinets in your house, you can make them new again. Cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting can be done by professional cabinet refinishers in Fort Worth, Colleyville, North Richland Hills and Keller. Having your cabinets refinished is a small price to pay for making a room feel new again. Along with new paint on the walls and new paint on the cabinets along with other redecorating ideas, you can make your home look magazine-worthy. Cabinets are great for organization, but you want them to look good from the outside. Consulting with a professional cabinet refinishing company is a great way to learn what can be done with your cabinets.

Your home is your castle and you can easily make it look like a show home with just a few changes. You might need to stay in the same home for a while, but it does not have to feel that way. Have professionals help you redo the inside of your house to increase the value of your home as well as the desirability. If you go to sell your home, people will be impressed by your well-painted cabinets and your welcoming kitchen and bathrooms. Call a cabinet painting contractor in the Fort Worth area today.

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