floor coatingFloor Coating Services

Let the floor coating professionals at NextGen Painters assist you on your next floor coating project, While DIY homeowners can carry out their painting needs themselves, hiring the service of a professional floor coating company will help guarantee safety, consistency and maximum quality in the finish.

With this in mind, NextGen Painters is proud to offer Floor Coating Services.

NextGen Painters offers professional floor coating services to our residential, commercial and industrial customers, our residential customers can benefit from our garage floor coating services that include epoxy coatings, decorative mosaics, anti-slip broadcast slurries, decorative quartz coatings, novolac epoxy, polyaspartic floor coatings, concrete stains, metallic epoxy and concrete polishing.

Our commercial customers may benefit from floor coating services for Polyurethane floor coatings, epoxy floor coating, polyurea floor coatings, metallic epoxy floor coatings, ceramic carpet floor coatings, decorative broadcast floor coatings along with decorative mosaics, we also offer ESD and non-conductive flooring systems.

Our industrial customers may benefit from our floor coating services for heavy duty floor toppings, severe duty floor coatings, urethane mortar systems, metal reinforced floor systems and concrete patching and repair services that are designed to provide you with crisp, clean and quality finish. Done by our expert floor coating team.

We understand the importance and impact of a well-done flooring job to your property. Thus, we only provide you with the most experienced professionals capable of delivering the best result without compromising on the quality and safety of all involved.

Whether its an interior painting project, concrete coating job or an exterior painting job, our experienced painters will come to your property fully equipped to ensure crisp and consistent results, providing you with quality paints that match current trends.

Why Choose Our Floor Coating Services?

Professional Painters

NextGen Painters aims to provide the best quality in painting and flooring jobs, whether residential or commercial. Thus, we only provide you with the most experienced professionals suited to your floor coating and painting needs, ensuring you get the best results possible always.

Quality Assurance

Our painters are carefully handpicked to ensure they carry our core values, which include maximum professionalism and premium quality resins and paint. Supervised by our team leaders, we provide a clean and neat service delivery that guarantees premium quality across the board.

Maximum Safety

We are a fully insured and licensed flooring and painting team that is also skilled and trained to get things done in the safest way possible. This means you don’t have to worry about yourself or your property as we will deliver best-in-class painting service without compromising on the safety of everyone involved.

NextGen Painters offer professional floor coating and painting services to residential, commercial and industrial property owners, promising exquisite results that exceed your expectation and lasts for years.


To get started on your floor coating project, get your quote today!